Speak Read & Write

The most basic for of communicating and one that makes the first impression. For most English is a second language and one that isn’t spoken daily, causing a certain about of inhibition when it is spoken due to the lack of practice. Our group sessions are designed to ease mental pressure by giving individuals the confidence that with a little constant practice the stress of such anxiety can be overcome. 

Something as basic as reading a newspaper or online articles or just a simple email from a boss or a agency about future job prospects. Reading centres on word comprehension and therefore here with our sessions we teach you simple rules and methods on who one can read with complete ease.

Ever written a resume or a covering letter when in search of a job? It is a daunting task when we are expected to write articles or content on material in order to communicate with people whose services we maybe requesting or our “bosses” who want a write up in order to generate marketing material. At SRW English writing is a combination of two simple fundamentals: vocabulary and grammar both of which will come seamlessly when you continuously speak and read English.


Do you live in a household where a language other than English is spoken most of the time? And feel awkward in largely English speaking settings?  We offer individuals, or small groups with common learning needs an environment where they can develop a high level of comfort – and a sense of confidence – with spoken English. The materials covered in these sessions focus mainly on listening and speaking the language correctly for a fixed duration over a period of time. These can be designed for individuals or small groups with common learning needs.

This customized service focuses on helping students migrate from a non-English to an English medium education environment. Depending on the age and existing level of fluency of the student a three step process involving ‘evaluation’, ‘target level of proficiency’ and ‘program design’ is followed, preferably in consultation with the institution where the student plans to enter.