There is a constant debt about how a language can and should be learnt. Some say that if you learn it from an app it is cost effective cause its free but it also gives you a sense of understanding if you have an aptitude towards it. On the flip side there is an argument that every person has a different level of how much they want to take in initially when learning a language and only a personal tutor or personalised class helps customise that and brings the person to ease to enjoy and learn more of the language.

There are many more arguments and thoughts and I will be the first to admit that both hold ground however if I was to put myself out there to learn or practice a language, I would actually take on a class or a personalise tutor. Not because I am slow when starting out with something unknown but it has more to do with the many, many questions I tend to ask about the language, the region, its reach and most importantly how strong the annunciation is of certain words in a sentence.

Here is an example; I was traveling to Holland with a group of friends and took it upon myself to learn (some) Dutch through an app. In about two days I totally lost interest. I learnt German as a student whilst living in central Europe and figured how hard can this be!? Well, it was super hard cause each time I pronounced a word, the app corrected me on it being incorrect. But how was I incorrect and what was I doing wrong? And honestly, I don’t a machine telling me I am getting something wrong – its frustrating.

So here is my take away; if you are fluent enough with a language then download a free app and go to town on it till you brush up all your necessary skills but if you are revisiting a language that you never found comfort in cause your tongue would suddenly feel like it was having a seizure, then I would suggest – find your comfort with a tutor/professor who can put your mind at ease and help you realise that when you think in a language you will automatically and fluently speak it. Polish your skills and enjoy communicating in the language post which get onto an app and keep it around each day to keep up the practice and in the best-case scenario to help you grow in expanding your vocabulary and knowledge of where the language stems from.

I am going to add a few more lines as my closing thought: when we pay for something and we are accountable for showing up for the same we are actually a lot more committed cause we find ourselves invested in both, a financial and human connections. A phone that carries an app can always be visited at convenience and sometimes that commitment falls through the crack. This does not mean the strong will not persevere but this just means that we have to weigh our commit to the goal we are trying to achieve through clear and true vision goggles.