For people who have minimal speaking skills – this may include individuals who may have learnt English in schools as a second language and have had no practice till date. We offer only speaking classes at the base level and sessions are held twice a week.


For individuals who have studied English as a second language both at the school and university level and have some kind of daily interaction with members from work in English. The two programs that are recommended for this level are reading and speaking.


English medium college graduates who are looking to either enter the work force or are currently working in organisations but find themselves limited due fluency in English skills are placed into this level and all three course verticals are recommended. Students are also taken in at this level.


This is currently the most advance level that is being offered at SRW English. This is for candidates who are fluent in speaking but have certain apprehension when it comes to written English and are looking to hone their creative writing or grammatic skills in their current job roles.